Noise-liker Animals: Chipmunks - Glogster Project

  Glogster). I used free version of Glogster while doing this project. To tell the truth, I enjoyed it. Glogster should be used in Elt classrooms. On the other hand, Glogster needs popularizing in Elt classrooms in Turkey.
Hi everyone! Today I worked on the glogster project. Before starting to explain process of preparing this project, I want to give some information on glosters. A glog is an interactive visual platform where users can create a poster or a webpage containing multimedia elements. These elements are text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data (see on 

  While preparing the glog, I did research on Google to have an idea about chipmunks. Then, I generated the text with my own words. After selecting the glog template, I designed the glog. If you want to view it in full size, click the logo on top-right. As for comments, I am giving you to the ball.. Below, I wrote the websites of media files which I used.