Best Online Dictionaries

"English to English" Definition and Thesaurus Dictionaries

I have shared the links of very useful online dictionaries. Many of them are English to English definition and thesaurus dictionaries. Some are English to Turkish (or vice versa) dictionaries. Some are English to French (or vice versa) dictionaries. Let's take a look at them!

1) Thesaurus is very useful "synonym-antonym" dictionary. Just write your word into the search bar and then you will see synonyms, antonymsi related words in some categories. Visit!

2) The Free Dictionary is a comprehensive English to English definitions and thesaurus dictionary. It is an American online dictionary and encyclopedia that gathers information from a variety of sources. Visit!

3) is one of those sites that anyone who searches on the Web on a regular basis should have bookmarked. You can search Websters dictionary, a Spanish dictionary, the Oxford English dictionary, a Latin dictionary - well, just about any kind of dictionary you can think of. is a huge reference search service, and could be thought of as a dictionary meta search engine.

4) is your destination whenever you need language guidance: every time you need to know the meaning or pronunciation of a word, how to translate it into another language, or whether you’re using it correctly. It’s your first point of reference and your guide to the language of today. Visit! 

5) For more than 150 years, in print and now online, Merriam-Webster has been America's leading and most-trusted provider of language information. Each month, the website offers guidance to more than 40 million visitors.  Visit!

6) OneLook is a dictionary and translation metasearch engine. OneLook searches more than 900 online dictionaries at the time of this writing in order to find whatever definition that you're looking for; in addition, you can use OneLook to to find translations of a particular word in other languages. Visit!

7) Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary is the best dictionary for general British English on Cambridge Dictionaries Online. Select "British English" from the list of dictionaries at the top of any page on Cambridge Dictionaries Online to search this dictionary. Visit!

8)  It is a dictionary you can understand with lots of tools to help you choose your words precisely, understand a word, avoid usage pitfalls and be confident in your use of words. Visit! 

English Online Etymology Dictionary

9) If you need  an etymology dictionary, this will be practical for you. Visit!

English to Turkish (and vice versa) Dictionaries

10) The Tureng Dictionary is an online English-Turkish dictionary service provided for those working in the fields of translation, education and international trade by the Tureng Translation Company, which was founded by translators with 15 years of experience in translation. Visit!

11) is another useful English-Turkish dictionary. Visit!

English to French (and vice versa) Dictionaries

12) A dictionary of 250,000 words and phrases, 400,000 translations, 50,000 audio files to aid pronunciation. Proverbs, sayings and idiomatic expressions, 150 cultural and historical notes. Also include: conjugation tables for every verb. Hypertext: click on any word in the article to view the Larousse dictionary translation. Visit! 

13) French dictionary containing around 70,000 headwords, 20,000 French compounds and expressions and around 30,000 technical terms from the public domain DGT glossaries and allowing both French-English and English-French lookup. Visit!