A Social Writing Platform for Education- Wikispaces

A Social Writing Platform for Education-Wikispaces:

Wikispaces Classroom is a social writing platform for education. We make it incredibly easy to create a classroom workspace where you and your students can communicate and work on writing projects alone or in teams. Rich assessment tools give you the power to measure student contribution and engagement in real-time.

Wikispaces Classroom works great on modern browsers, tablets, and phones.

Wikispaces Classroom is free for teachers and students. We have over 10 million registered teachers and students on the platform.

Why Wikispaces Classroom?
Our mission is to help teachers help students. Since 2005 we've been listening closely to the millions of teachers who've used Wikispaces. Wikispaces Classroom is the result of everything we've learned.

Wikispaces has been adopted and loved by so many teachers and students precisely because it has done these things implicitly. Wikispaces Classroom is about doing them explicitly.‍

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