Teach English through Breaking News

   Today I will introduce a nice website which you can access and download documents related to breaking news. It is breakingnewsenglish.com

About the site:
  • The lessons are free.
  • There are 7 levels, from elementary to advanced.
  • Lessons have up to 26 pages of printable activities / handouts.
  • There is a new lesson every two days.
  • All lessons are based on stories currently in the news - as the world's news breaks, teach it.
  • All lessons are also downloadable PDF format.
  • There are 30+ online quizzes for each lesson.
  • Listening files in British and North American English can be downloaded in mp3 format or subscribed to via a podcast.
  • Classroom handouts are readily reproducible.
  • There are graded listenings with each lesson.
  • Thousands of teachers and students say they love using the news lessons.
  • It has thousands of other lessons on other websites.

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