Kahoot! Let's Gamify Our Classes!

Kahoot! In this post I will introduce "Kahoot!" What is Kahoot? It is a website or online program which helps teachers to create online game-like quizzes. I learned it from Dr. Gökçe Kurt, my teacher/lecturer from Marmara University. Thanks Ma'am! Meanwhile, if you wonder what the word kahoot means, you can visit this link

As a teacher, when you want to create a game of Kahoot! you visit getkahoot.com and create your free account. When signed in, you see three different types of Kahoot! Quiz, Discussion and Survey. This video shows how to create a Kahoot!.

While creating a Kahoot! you  can add images, screenshots, and videos; set a time limit for each question to create excitement among the students; and have different answer options ranging from Yes/No to 2-3- or 4-option multiple choice questions with potential answers. You can also use Kahoots created by other people. To play it in the class, you choose your Kahoot! and launch it. A game pin will be created. To play Kahoot! students do not need to create an account. They just go to kahoot.it using their mobile devices and enter the game pin, write a nickname and will join.
That's all! Enjoy it!
Some parts of the information given above was retrieved from http://gokcekurt.com/kahoot 

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