Great Ideas about Teaching English to Young Learners

Today's website is It is helpful and full of ideas/tips about teaching English to young learners. Actually, the owner of this website is an English teacher of primary and kindergarten students. However, s/he is a student because s/he is learning China, as far as I understand from his/her words. From his/her words;

"My main reason for entry into this country is to try teaching as a profession. As of this moment I am currently an English Oral Teacher. I teach all grades of Primary and Kindergarten students on a weekly basis. This blog will reflect my teaching experiences as they happen. I also hope to Vlog (Video log) some of my lessons for your viewing pleasure. Wait and see how cute my children are. If your thinking about becoming a teacher in China then this will give you an idea of what teaching is like. Viewers, I would also be very keen to share ideas and here your feedback."

"Not only am I teacher but a student. Being in China gives me a perfect opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese. In fact living in a small town, kind of forces me to learn intensively. Why? Simple, no one can really talk English other than the simple expressions, Hi, Hello and Goodbye. In addition, or really I should say subtraction, there are no foreigners here to communicate with, so my only interaction is with Chinese people. My major problem is communication, my Mandarin Chinese level is just too limited. Interactions are very simple and some what lacking depth. Without a Chinese teacher I am therefore left to my own devices of self-study. I am using a varity of techniques together, mainly audio, flashcards and computer software courses. In the future I will discuss such programs I use and write some reviews and inform you how effective they are."

Briefly, this website is a good resource for English teacher of primary and kindergarten students. You can just visit and see it, or you can register for free. 


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