Wordnik: Smart Words

Wordnik shows definitions from multiple sources, so you can see as many different takes on a word's meaning as possible.

Wordnik doesn't yet allow user-contributed definitions. If you'd like to add a definition, you can log in and leave a comment.

Logged-in Wordniks can leave comments on word pages, list pages, and user profile pages. To link to another word page from within a comment, use single brackets (like so: [word]). Simple links and formatting are also permitted.
Comments are the place to add new examples of a word's use, short definitions of your own, or simply your own opinion about a word.

Wordnik includes example sentences from major news media (such as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today) and from books from Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive, as well as from other sources across the web, including blogs.

Related Words
What do we mean by “related words”? Our word relationships include synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, words used in the same context, a reverse dictionary, and tags. But what does all of that mean?

There are more than 30,000 lists on Wordnik! Any logged-in Wordnik can make one (or more, or many, many more) lists.

Watch Erin McKean on TED Talks: Go ahead, make up new words!

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