Useful YouTube Channels for Teaching English

 In this post, You are introduced some useful Youtube channels for teaching English. They are mostly beased on songs about different kinds of topics. The list is below. Just click on the links. Enjoy them!

Youtube channels for kids and young learners:
1- 3D Alphabet Songs, click.
2- ABC Kid TV, click.
3- Baby Nursery Rhymes, click.
4- British Council Kids, click.
5- British Council Teens, click.
6- Busy Weavers, click.
7- Children English, click.
8- Chu Chu TV, click.
9- Dream English Kids, click.
10- English for Children, click.
11- Fun English, click.
12- Have Fun Teaching, click.
13- Hoopla Kidz, click.
14- Hoopla Kidz TV, click.
15- Kids World, click.
16- Super Simple ABCs, click.
17- Super Simple Learning, click.
18- Super Simple Songs, click.
19- The Learning Station, click.
20- WattsEnglish, click.
21- Wow English TV, click.

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